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Aloha Gun Rights Supporters, 

The Hawaii State Legislature is finishing up for the year with adjournment scheduled for May 7, 2015.  Once again NO ANTI-GUN BILLS ARE PASSING.  Thanks to aggressive grass roots lobbying by many of you, some very nasty bills were laid to rest.  IT IS TIME TO EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION TO THE MANY LEGISLATORS WHO SUPPORTED OUR RIGHTS this session by supporting their re-election campaigns. 

Several of the conservative House Democrats who looked after your interests this session are holding a joint fundraiser next Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 5:30-7:30 pm, at Jade Dynasty Restaurant (Ala Moana Shopping Center).

Please attend and thank:


If you cannot attend, please send your contribution to your favorite Legislator(s).

Friends of KEN ITO, P.O. Box 4354, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744

Friends of Sharon Har, Box 101, 590 Farrington Highway #210, Kapolei, HI 96707

Friends of Derek Kawakami, P.O. Box 3136, Lihue, Hawaii 96766

Friends of Jo Jordan, P.O. Box 1398, Waianae, Hawaii 96792 

SUGGESTED DONATION at the door, $100 each, or whatever you can afford will be welcomed.  Don't forget to mark your check, "Thanks for your support of gun rights." 

Some accept Pay-Pal online.  Google their Official Websites.  Do not send to their Capitol offices, as campaign rules prohibit such.


Ms. Kerry Nagai                   Dr. Maxwell Cooper

Chair                                     Legislative Liaison


After withdrawing his controversial nomination of Carleton Ching, real estate development lobbyist, Governor Ige has named Suzanne Case for Chair of Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).  

Case has served as Executive Director of the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii for the past 14 years.

The Nature Conservancy uses aerial shooting of ungulates, fencing and eradication, and supports eliminating non-native animal populations.  NCH pursues a policy of preservation, e.g. non use, of natural resources, not conservation, wise use, with no thought given to the concept that game animals, valuable habitat, and threatened native species can be managed successfully together. 

The Legislature should consider Ms. Case carefully before approving her for the next 3 years to control the Hawaii State Department responsible for hunting rules, seasons, bag limits, licenses, hunting areas, enforcement, habitat preservation and improvement, shooting range development, and the Hunter Education program. 

The Committee on WTL has scheduled a public hearing on Case’s nomination for Friday, 04-17-15, on GM750_.  Testimony is accepted:  http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2015/hearingnotices/HEARING_WTL_04-17-15_.HTM


Dr. Maxwell Cooper 

HRA Legislative Liaison

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The LEOSA (Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act bill), SB473, is to be heard in the House Friday, 3/20 in the Committee on Labor and Public Employment.

Senate JDL Chair Gilbert Keith-Agaran gutted the original Senate bill that establishing HRS "shall issue" language for qualified retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed and turned administration of the program back again entirely to the AG's office, where it has languished for 7 years.  Only about 40 officers statewide have permits because the requirements established by the AG are designed to discourage applicants (sound familiar?).  A yearly complete physical is required, and an annual perfect qualifying score must be shot, all at the expense of the applicant. Qualifications are held only annually on the Big Island, bi-annually on Maui, and not at all on Kauai. 

If you think it makes the public safer to have more trained people in our state carrying concealed firearms, please click on the hearing notice below and send testimony in opposition to this current draft.  Ask that the bill be amended by re-inserting language compatible with the intent of this 12 year old federal mandate and incorporating it in Hawaii Statute instead of leaving it to the whims of the AG's Deputies.

More Guns, Less Crime.  Prof. John Lott.


SB 473, SD2





Dr. Maxwell Cooper

HRA Legislative Liaison

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SB955 RELATING TO SHOOTING RANGE PROTECTION, is dead for the year unless Senate Judiciary Chair, Senator Gilbert Keith-Agaran, schedules it by 9:15am Monday, March 2nd, for a hearing 9:15am on March 4th.

Please e-mail or fax Chair Keith-Agaran and follow up with a phone call early Monday morning to very politely ask him to please hear this bill to protect the only public shooting range on Oahu and other ranges throughout the State from nuisance lawsuits.  Government and private security companies need ranges as well as civilians.

 Chair, Senate JDL, Gilbert S.C. Keith-Agaran

 Senate District 5

 Hawaii State Capitol, Room 221

 phone: 808-586-7344

 fax: 808-586-7348

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Dr. Maxwell Cooper,

HRA Legislative Liaison

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